CT is offering their print experience and knowledge as a milestone for a job well done.

A successful brochure or catalog design has a trendy professional look. This can be done with a balance of good layout, interesting graphics and well written content.


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Gate Fold Brochure

Because it is more expensive, this is not a very frequent style of the brochure. However, when used correctly, this pamphlet has a significant impact. Its inward folding shape makes it easier to transport. The paper used for this sort of brochure is of high quality, so readers can retain it for a long time.

Bi-Fold Brochure

Bi-Fold Brochure is a typical pamphlet. It is also one of the most popular and popular brochures among companies. The layout is more formal than triple pamphlets. It is used mostly for product catalogues, trade exhibits, presentations, business meetings, etc.

Tri-Fold Brochure

>With its name, i.e. three folds brochure, it may be easily understood. It is also the most often available brochure in all places. This brochure offers enough room for designers to display company and graphic information and so draw more attention to the reader.

Z-Fold Brochure

A Z-Fold brochure, basically a folding envelope, is a fantastic solution because of its flexibility. During the design, layout or architecture of each panel, the designers can separate the each aspect of this brochure, and the brochure will then open up to a complete range with a single enormous, vibrant image..

Responsive Frameworks

As interactive design for mobile has taken off over the last few years, responsive “frameworks,” custom libraries of code, like Foundation and Twitter Bootstrap, have been introduced to speed up the process. What they do is instantly provide a grid or general foundation for rapid prototyping of different mobile layouts and functionality.

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Design is thinking made visual for better understanding of your business

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We are Commute Technologies, and we provide cutting-edge brochure design services. We are a brochure design India firm that offers a comprehensive variety of design services. Our design expertise extends to sectors such as creating brochures or flyers for marketing, sales, and other purposes. We believe that brochure design requires not just originality and innovation, but also a skill. All of the aforementioned, together with years of experience in the sector, have made us a sought-after firm. Commpute Technologies, which offers brochure design in India, is a staunch supporter of intelligent design. Our designs are a whole bundle.

What Are the Benefits of Brochure Design Services

extremely versatile

  1. The brochures are more adaptable compared to other print materials. It may be sent, delivered at events or utilised on the spot. The businesses who build their trust between you and their potential clients will find a concrete, physical and subtle brochure more important.

Easily distributed to a targeted audience

  1. The great advantage of a brochure is that it is a simple yet efficient technique of targeting a number of individuals whether you deliver brochures at a major event or distribute them door-to-door. This approach is especially useful for smaller companies or small franchises. Promote your business economically compared to TV or print advertising or Pay Per Click Marketing.

cost-effective marketing material

  1. So many companies offer incredibly economically affordable printing and brochure design. Print your pamphlets in quantity, as they will cost you less and can be used in numerous ways over time. Higher purchasing typically means reduced prices. It may seem straightforward, yet pamphlets can be handed from individual to individual. This form of reference is still working and should not be dismissed today.